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Description Viettel is owned by the Ministry of Defence and thus the Vietnamese army. It's the market leader in Vietnam with about 40% of all customers on its network and should be your first choice when you are going to rural areas.
This plan is for Mobile Broadband in 4G/3G data for any devices
Plan detail
  • Free up to 60GB Express high speed internet access (2GB PER DAY)
  • Free incoming call
Speed 4G/LTE, 3G, 2G
Coverage Throughout Vietnam
Validity 30 days
Extention Yes

Booking Sim Form

Sim: Viettel VTT-ST90

Total Price: 11.00 $

~ 251,405 VND


From December 2016, after shut down12 milion falsely registered Sim cards, the government do strictly to enforce all the Sim cards have to be registered officially. The rules is you have to show your Passport and your photo to buy a prepaid Sim card before it can be actived. Small independent corner shops can't activate them for you and they still sell a SIM on somebody else's identity to you. You can still buy a SIM card at a corner store or at the airport. But have in mind that they are not properly registered and you may risk that your SIM will be shut off anytime without prior warning. Even at airport booths, they still sell them without the legal registration. When you ask for it, they will smile or find an excuse or simply lie to you)

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We provide free shipping to your hotel in Hanoi city center and supposed to set it up on your phone as well to make sure it works smoothy or you can go to our office at 16 Chan Cam str – Hang Trong – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi to pick it up