Bac Ha Love Market - the beauty of the Northwest highland culture

Bac Ha Market is a destination for domestic and foreign tourists whenever they go to Lao Cai and Sa Pa. In particular, visiting Bac Ha market will never be efficient if visitors do not try “Thang Co” dish- horse intestine cooked, as well as drink bowls of corn wine, or fragrant rice wine.

From past to present, Bac Ha love market still retains its pristine beauty and traditional identity. Coming to the fair, visitors will be free to shop, see and enjoy the rustic food made by the people here. Tourists can also live in the space and the private atmosphere of the highland where is friendly, adorable and innocent.

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha love market

Bac Ha market is held every Sunday. And each group of people gathered to go to the town, where they can attend market meetings. Going to the love market has become a cultural feature imbued with national cultural identity. This is not only a place for exchanging goods of local people with traders inside and outside the province but also a place for cultural exchange of local people. Therefore, Bac Ha love market is held once a week, so when Go to the market, the Mong women often wear colorful dresses, because in the spiritual life of the ethnic minorities on the "White Highlands", the market is like a festival.

Bac Ha Market

At the markets, not just Bac Ha, such as Sa Pa, Can Cau, Coc Ly, Muong Khuong... which are scattered in the districts of Lao Cai province, ethnic people will bring their products to market for trading and exchange, showing off their own products. This occasion is also an opportunity for boys and girls to show their resourcefulness, honesty from trading, exchanging goods, living for a living and many couples have come together due to attend the markets. When the sun was shining, the Mong girls and boys rushed to the market, the girls dressed in new costumes, with the scent of indigo, and the patterns made by skillful hands. Increasing the beauty of the people here, when the night falls by the fire, the boys also draw the flute, sing familiar folk songs, love songs and confess their love feel loved.

Bac Ha Market in Vietnam

Tourists come to Bac Ha love market to learn about the culture of ethnic minorities and enjoy attractive dishes such as Thang Co, sour pho, enamel ... Bac Ha Market also left a beautiful impression. In the heart of every visitor, the traditional and rustic features are reflected in the brocade sales area, the buffalo market, the poultry trading area, the bird trade area, and the forging area. Each market sells a variety of products, diverse and bearing the identities of the local ethnic groups. In particular, Bac Ha fair is a meeting and exchange place for ethnic minorities after a hard-working week, only then, after friendly cordials, they will meet again at the following fair.

In sum, Bac Ha love market is worth visiting. Coming to Bac Ha love market to enjoy the atmosphere as well as lovely hospitality of people.


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