Fansipan Mountain - Roof of Indochina

Where is Fansipan Mountain? 

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, located on the majestic Hoang Lien Son range. With a height of 3,143m, this is also the highest mountain in the three Indochinese countries that should be dubbed the "Roof of Indochina".


About 9 km southwest of Sapa town, Fansipan is adjacent to Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces, in the Northwest region of Vietnam. According to the local language, the mountain is called "Hua Xi Pan" and means giant stone protruding. A mountain with magnificent nature, hiding an entire vegetation with endemic species. With the visitors to the Sapa tour, it is impossible to miss the opportunity to conquer the Fansipan peak to explore the fascinating animal and natural system of the Hoang Lien mountain range. There are many Hoang Lien trees - a valuable medicinal herb, precious woods.

Fanxipan Vietnam

To fully enjoy the pristine beauty of the world's most attractive destination 2019, tourists have to try Fansipan cable car, which is quite an interesting means. Fansipan three-wire cable car from Muong Hoa Valley to the top of Fansipan - "Roof of Indochina" in Vietnam, takes visitors surfing between the valley overwhelming the primeval green forest, through the floating white clouds, enjoy the spectacular beauty of "Hoang Lien Son" mountain range. From the middle of the sky, through the window of the cable car window, visitors can fully immerse in the sight of the typical Northwest beauty of terraced fields when in the rice season.


If you do not take the cable car, climbing, exploring mountains and the life of ethnic minorities in Sapa, discovering the unique cultural features of the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam that few places in the world have is also an extremely unique experience. "Hoang Lien Son" will also conquer any tourists when coming to the city in the clouds atop Fansipan. Here, a complex of architectural works stood majestically among the mountains, hidden in the white clouds, in the bells that echoed between the stones, bringing a feeling of peace.

In this population, visitors have the opportunity to worship the Great Buddha Amitabha-the tallest bronze Buddha image in Vietnam with a height of 21.5m, covered from tens of thousands of 5mm thin copper plates. This is also the monumental Buddha statue ever in Vietnam. From this place, visitors can cover the whole view of the Hoang Lien Mountains under the benevolent gaze of the Buddha. This complex of cultural and spiritual architecture is also a place where rare "luminescence" occurs, a mysterious and sacred spiritual phenomenon in the Buddhist conception.


Along with culinary discoveries in the village, visitors can also fully enjoy the upland flavor with traditional delicacies of Northwestern people such as Sa Pa sausage, Bac Ha pho, sticky rice ... processed by ethnic people in the upland market area of Fansipan cable car station.

Fansipan is the pride of Vietnam, the gift that nature offers us. Leaving behind all the tiredness, anxiety, visitors can receive the feeling of lightheadedness when successfully conquering Fansipan peak - the highest mountain in Vietnam, which satisfy their passion and experience. Hope the information be useful for you. And the tourists can get the best experience when being here.



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