Perfume Pagoda-the beauty of Vietnamese spiritual

Huong Pagoda is known as a complex of monuments and famous landscapes in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, Hanoi. This is a famous spiritual tourist destination nationwide, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world, especially Buddhist monks and nuns, especially in the New Year festive tourism season.

HUong Pagoda

Huong Son Pagoda is "A center of Vietnamese Buddhism", a "great place of fame" (as early as the XV century (Le Thanh Tong), the latest is the eighteenth century (Le Huy Tong Chinh Hoa 7th, 1686) The Year of the Tiger (1770) Trinh Sam has named this place "the first most natural man in the cave" (the first Buddha cave in the South).

In order to discover the beauty of Huong Pagoda, you have to take a boat on the river for a long time. Many people wonder why they do not build walking paths or bridges to make it easier for residents and visitors to take the initiative. However, if so, there will be no more distinctions that only Huong Pagoda has anymore, visitors will no longer feel all the special features that the landscape here owns and bestowed.

chua huong

Coming here, you have only one way is to sit on the beautiful little boats under the skillful paddle of the boatman, they will take you to explore the temples on the mountains, separated by the winding section of the river. Yen stream brings a gentle beauty, letting go between the two mountains with soft curves. Visitors will certainly feel fresh and excited when sitting on a boat on the river, immersing in nature to feel the wild beauty of the landscape here. From the boat, you will admire the mountains, hills covered with lush greenery, feel the connection of wind, sun, water, and plants.

suoi yen

Not only that, when passing the Yen stream, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the rice flower blooming along the two banks of the river. Each cluster of red rice flowers in the dark blue sky looks like small sparks that dispel the coldness of the North in the early days of the year. It is missing if you do not visit one of the widely-recognized stops such as Trinh Temple, Huong Tich cave, Thien Tru pagoda, Tien Son cave, .... Trinh Temple is located on the bank of Yen stream, about 500m from Đuc pier is a small temple built very beautiful and meaningful to present, report to the forest guards, keep the door when someone wants to enter the temple.

chua huong

Going deep inside, Huong Tich cave is considered as the main destination for tourists here. With a height of 390m, Huong Tich cave is like the center of the landscape of Huong Pagoda. Previously visitors who wanted to climb this place had to walk through a lot of stairs with a steep slope, but now, with the modern cable car project, you can easily go around and sit in the cable car looks down, enjoying the poetic beauty of the mountains, rivers, and temples with beautiful architecture, surely it will be an unforgettable experience.

le hoi

Try to close your eyes and feel the fresh, cool air, you will find this place so strangely peaceful, free from the fatigue, chaos, and haste of everyday life. Relaxing and feeling the scent of trees, wind, water, and sky, that's also why so many Buddhists come here. With poetic beauty so lyrical, Huong Pagoda will certainly be an ideal destination for you in the future, so why hesitate any longer without scheduling to come here right away.

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